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100% Grass-Fed Beef

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Grass Fed Beef Products

Farm-to-Table Focus

Double L Farms is dedicated to being the leading supplier of Farm to Table, Local, 100% Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished, and 100% Pasture Raised Beef.  We do not take shortcuts and produce all our great products by respecting the animals, the land, and the environment. 

Grass Fed Beef Patty 2
Grass Fed Beef Products
Local Beef
100% Grass Fed Beef Patty


At Double L Farms, our cattle are raised and finished on open grass pastures where they eat grasses, forbs, and legumes without confinement.
Hormone-Free Beef
No Hormones
Locally Produced Beef
Locally Produced
Antibiotic-Free Beef
No Antibiotics




Double L Farms Family

Highest-Quality Grass Fed Beef

“We believe you should know where your food comes from.”
Charley Layman, Owner

Charley helped us stock our freezers with wonderful grass-fed beef. Great flavor! We are so happy with the beef and highly recommend Double L!

Kelly B.

Excellent reputation in the restaurant industry. Very high-quality beef.

Mark M.

The BEST tasting beef ever!! Our freezer is full of it. Really affordable prices and great customer service ????

Kait H.

Excellent steaks of all types! Cattle raised by conscientious professionals.

Darryl J.

We ordered a quarter of beef, only two of us. All packers were sealed, frozen, and labeled. so far, we have used ground beef, flank steak, and filets. all were delicious! I am so happy to not have to search for beef in the grocery store. I know I have great quality beef in my freezer any time I want it. Highly recommend!

Jeannia C.

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We Deliver

We are based in Knoxville, TN, and have a processing plant in Jonesville, VA, and can deliver our grass-fed beef to nearby areas. Whether you’re in Boone, NC, or Chattanooga, TN, we’ll work to get your whole cow, half cow, or other products to you! Contact Us to place your order.