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Local Farmer Network

Supporting East TN Farmers

With our Local Farmer Network across East Tennessee, we are helping local farmers and communities prosper. We are creating jobs, supporting local businesses, and opening sales channels and markets for local farmers across the country. We take great pride in the relationships we have with our farmers and are committed to working together to practice regenerative/sustainable agriculture. We strive to provide the best quality of life to our animals. We always have plenty of shade and fresh water available. Low-stress conditions produce the healthiest animals.

We follow environmental best practices to raise honest “clean” food using timeless proven methods. We subscribe to the “salad bar” grazing system by providing a variety of forages to our animals. Much planning goes into the type of grass that is in our pastures to provide the cattle with the proper nutritional balance to produce the highest quality grass-fed beef.

Our Farmers

David Lichlyter
David Lichlyter

David is a 3rd generation farmer. He was raised on a farm purchased by his grandfather in the 1940’s.  Farming has been a family affair where he and his brother Marty continue to farm together today. David was fortunate to work side by side with his grandfather and father for many years to learn so much about farming.  One of the many things they taught him was to respect the land and the cattle.

Uriel Edde
Uriel Edde

Uriel has over 40 years’ experience in farming. While not growing up on a farm Uriel always had an interest in the farm life.  As a young man, Uriel always had a job on a local farm raising tobacco and cattle. After buying his first farm in 1990 he soon learned he had the desire and passion to continue farming.  He loves the connection to the great outdoors and the time he spends on the farm with his son and partner Tanner.

At Double L Farms David, Uriel and Tanner are responsible for the overall planning and implementation of daily livestock management.