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Double L Farms grass-fed ground beef is perfect for burgers, spaghetti, meatballs, tacos, meatloaf and any of your favorite recipes. Our beef is lean, juicy and delicious. Grass-fed beef is good for you!


Whole & Half Beef

  • $4.oo/lb hanging weight

Quarter Beef Share

  • 1/4 Beef Share for $850
  • 100 lbs of beef, which includes:
    • 50 pounds of ground beef
    • 25 pounds of assorted steaks
    • 25 pounds of assorted roasts & stew meat

Grilling Box Special

  • $100 for 20 lbs of ground beef


All pricing includes the processing fees.

Product List

We offer Whole, Half, & Quarter beef shares, and a variety of products made from 100% Grass-Fed Beef. Contact us to order!


Item # Description
2200FZ Double L Reserve Grass-Fed Ground Beef
20#, 4/5#
3300FZ Grass-Fed Ground Beef
20#, 4/5#
9900FZ Grass-Fed Beef Soup Bones